SM-UART-04L PM2.5 IR Laser Dust Sensor

Amphenol Advanced Sensors’ SM-UART-04L for indoor air quality monitoring

Image of Amphenol Advanced Sensors' SM-UART-04L IR Laser Dust SensorAmphenol Advanced Sensors’ SM-UART-04L laser dust sensor is designed to operate in a moderate environment and provide excellent performance. Its embedded optical design leverages the strength from laser technology which allows customers to achieve excellent performance with balanced reliability. The SM-UART-04L sensor is an ideal solution for industrial and consumer applications

The SM-UART-04L laser dust sensor detects dust particle concentration in the air by using an optical sensing method. A laser light emitting diode (laser LED) and a photosensor are optically arranged in the device. The photosensor detects the reflected laser LED light by dust particles in the air. The dust sensor can detect small particles, such as cigarette smoke, and distinguish small particles, such as smoke from large house dust, by the pulse pattern of the signal output.

  • Laser optical dust
    • High accuracy
    • Fast response
  • UART output
  • Compact in size
  • Flexible mounting style
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Air cleaners and purifiers
  • Air conditioners and HVAC
  • Outdoor dust monitoring

SM-UART-04L IR Laser Dust Sensor

ImageOnderdeelnr. fabrikantBeschrijvingAvailable QuantityDetails weergeven
PM2.5 IR LASER DUST SENSORSM-UART-04LPM2.5 IR LASER DUST SENSOR230 - ImmediateDetails weergeven
Published: 2019-02-07