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Image of Texas Instruments' TL081H Single-Channel Standard Op-Amp
TL081H Single-Channel High-Speed Standard Op-Amp

Texas Instruments' TL081H single-channel standard op-amps are suitable for cost-sensitive applications requiring a high slew rate with high-voltage signals.

Image of Nordic Smiconductor's nRF21540 RF Front End Module (FEM)
nRF21540 RF Front End Module (FEM)

Nordic Semiconductor's nRF21540 RF front end module (FEM) extends Bluetooth® Low Energy, Bluetooth mesh, 2/4 GHz proprietary, and Thread and Zigbee® ranges.

Image of Delkin Devices' Industrial 2.5" Solid-State Drives
Industrial 2.5" Solid-State Drives

Delkin Device's industrial-grade 2.5” solid-state drives are a preferred, solid-state solution for embedded, harsh environment applications.

Image of Delkin Devices' Utility and Utility+ microSD/SD Cards
Utility and Utility+ microSD/SD Cards

Delkin Device’s Utility and Utility+ series microSD/SD cards utilize cost-effective MLC/industrial 3D NAND Flash in industrial-grade cards.

Image of Laird's Nextreme NRC400 Benchtop Recirculating Chiller
Nextreme NRC400 Benchtop Recirculating Chiller

Laird's NRC400 is an environmentally friendly recirculating chiller delivering precise temperature control for analytical and industrial applications.

Image of Toshiba's Smart Speaker Solutions
Smart Speaker Solutions

Toshiba's high-performance and small package discrete components are suitable when space, complicated noise issues, and cost sensitive designs are needed.

Image of GCT's Push-Push Micro SIM Connector with Compatible PCB Footprint
Push-Push Micro SIM Connector with Compatible PCB Footprint

GCT’s SIM7155 Micro SIM connector features a push-push ejection mechanism and a low-profile height of 1.43 mm, making it ideal for space-restricted designs.

Image of Lascar Electronics' Wireless Alert Series
Wireless Alert Series

Lascar Electronics' wireless alert series Wi-Fi-connected sensors send a warning email when user-set conditions are met.

Image of Amphenol RF's 12G Isolated BNC and HD-BNC Product Series
12G Isolated BNC and HD-BNC Product Series

Amphenol RF's BNC and HD-BNC product series are ideal for 4K and Ultra-HD broadcast applications.

STM32U5 Series Ultra-Low-Power MCUs - STMicroelectronics
STM32U5 Series Ultra-Low-Power MCUs

STMicroelectronics' STM32U5 series offers advanced power-saving MCUs to meet the most demanding power/performance requirements for smart applications.

Image of Würth Elektronik WE-PCM: Thermal Phase Changing Material
WE-PCM: Thermal Phase Changing Material

Würth Elektronik's WE-PCM series is designed as an alternative to thermal pastes and greases between high-performance components.

Image of Wurth Elektronik’s WE-TINS Thermally Conductive Insulator Pad
WE-TINS: Thermally Conductive Insulator Pad

Wurth Elektronik’s WE-TINS series are silicone pads designed to electrically insulate electronic components and cooling assemblies, allowing heat flow.

Image of Wurth Elektronik WE-TGS: Graphite Sheet
WE-TGS: Graphite Sheet

Wurth Elektronik's WE-TGS is a synthetic graphite heat spreader with most of the provided thermal conductivity occurring at the horizontal or XY axis.

Image of Würth Elektronik's WE-TTT: Thermal Transfer Tape
WE-TTT: Thermal Transfer Tape

Würth Elektronik's WE-TTT is a double-sided tape that provides a thermal interface material for mechanical fixing in both contact surfaces.

Image of Wurth Elektronik’s WE-TGFG: Graphite Foam Gaskets
WE-TGFG: Graphite Foam Gaskets

Wurth Elektronik’s WE-TGFG series graphite foam gaskets are thermally conductive synthetic graphite foam gaskets for use where the use of silicone is restricted.