New Product Discoveries - iFixit and TubeDepot

This episode of New Product Discoveries features two suppliers that have recently been added to Digi-Key’s line card, along with a sampling of products from each.

First up is a company called iFixit. This company is on a mission to turn everyone into a repairperson, which in turn not only saves people money but keeps otherwise non-functional electronics out of landfills.

It’s not just the idea and philosophy behind this company that makes it so great, it’s also the product. They have a variety of quality tools necessary to make repairs to tablets, cell phones, and beyond. The products featured here include driver kits and a magnetic project mat, which you could imagine comes in handy when dealing with all the tiny screws that can be found in various items.

The bits are made of S2 steel for durability and longevity. The selection of bits in each toolset comes from an abundance of research to decipher which bits are the most frequently required by items that people are trying to fix most often.

No matter what product you’re looking at from iFixit, you can bet a lot of thought and research went into the creation of it. Couple this with their huge selection of free online repair manuals and you’ll be up and fixing in no time.

The next company specializes in vacuum tubes and a variety of other products for any new or repair project that includes them. TubeDepot’s extensive knowledge of vacuum tubes has enabled them to become subject matter experts on all things tubes. Need a replacement for an old, hard to find tube? They’ve researched and likely found a comparable replacement that won’t sacrifice in quality.

The two tubes shown are both remakes of original models that are far and few between these days but don’t fear, TubeDepot has made sure to test these replacements themselves to make sure they will function as expected.

TubeDepot also carries a wide assortment of products to satisfy all your product needs for a new design or rebuild.

All of the products covered in this episode of New Product Discoveries and more from both of these great suppliers are available online at Digi-Key.

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