Grayhill Touch Encoder Development Kit

Touch Encoder

Grayhill has developed a robust and unique user interface by combining a ring encoder and a touch sensitive color display. The touch encoder is approximately 2.2” in diameter and 0.75” in height. With the device, a user can interact with a product by tapping or swiping the display and turning the ring encoder. The round touch sensitive display has a resolution of 320 x 300 and 32 MB of memory to store hundreds of custom screens. The outside ring encoder is sealed to IP67 and rated for 1,000,000 cycles.

Touch Encoder Development Kit

The development kit consists of a fully functional touch encoder test platform, power supply, cables, and USB/Lightening memory stick. Since an iPad is required for user interface development, a version of the kit with iPad included is offered.

Custom User Interface Development

An iPad and the Grayhill GIIB iOS app are used for custom user interface development. The GIIB app allows developers to create, store, and simulate a user interface program on the iPad. Once created, the program can be transferred to the touch encoder test platform using USB or Wi-Fi.

Product Integration

The touch encoder requires 5 electrical connections for power and communication. The product is offered in two different mounting versions. The options are 5-position PCB mount or 5-position M12 connector type. There are also two different options for host processor communication protocol. The options are USB 2.0 or CAN J1939.


Availability at Digi-Key Electronics

Touch Encoder Development Kit

Touch Encoder Development Kit with iPad

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