Ceramic TVS

Ceramic TVS


This tutorial will introduce the different types of CTVS devices and discuss their applications.

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
B72500D0300H060 datasheet linkVARISTOR 50V 0603B72500D0300H060VARISTOR 50V 0603314001 - Immediate
B72500D0300H060 product page link
B72500D0090A060 datasheet linkVARISTOR 10V 30A 0603B72500D0090A060VARISTOR 10V 30A 060372673 - Immediate
B72500D0090A060 product page link
B72500D0200A060 datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 30A 0603B72500D0200A060VARISTOR 25V 30A 060318237 - Immediate
B72500D0200A060 product page link
B72500D0160H060 datasheet linkVARISTOR 65V 0603B72500D0160H060VARISTOR 65V 060319634 - Immediate
B72500D0160H060 product page link
B72500D0150A060 datasheet linkVARISTOR 22V 30A 0603B72500D0150A060VARISTOR 22V 30A 060313122 - Immediate
B72500D0150A060 product page link
B72500D0050A060 datasheet linkVARISTOR 6.4V 30A 0603B72500D0050A060VARISTOR 6.4V 30A 060315811 - Immediate
B72500D0050A060 product page link
B72590T0040M060 datasheet linkVARISTOR 10V 20A 0402B72590T0040M060VARISTOR 10V 20A 0402138452 - Immediate
B72590T0040M060 product page link
B72500T0040M060 datasheet linkVARISTOR 8V 30A 0603B72500T0040M060VARISTOR 8V 30A 06036772 - Immediate
B72500T0040M060 product page link
B72510E1140S262 datasheet linkVARISTOR 22V 120A 0805B72510E1140S262VARISTOR 22V 120A 080516270 - Immediate
B72510E1140S262 product page link
B72520T0250K062 datasheet linkVARISTOR 39V 200A 1206B72520T0250K062VARISTOR 39V 200A 120669972 - Immediate
B72520T0250K062 product page link
B72520T0300K062 datasheet linkVARISTOR 47V 200A 1206B72520T0300K062VARISTOR 47V 200A 120633466 - Immediate
B72520T0300K062 product page link
B72520T0170K062 datasheet linkVARISTOR 27V 200A 1206B72520T0170K062VARISTOR 27V 200A 12064419 - Immediate
B72520T0170K062 product page link
B72530T0300K062 datasheet linkVARISTOR 47V 300A 1210B72530T0300K062VARISTOR 47V 300A 1210102195 - Immediate
B72530T0300K062 product page link
B72530E1140S262 datasheet linkVARISTOR 24.5V 400A 1210B72530E1140S262VARISTOR 24.5V 400A 121043569 - Immediate
B72530E1140S262 product page link
B72590D0050H160 datasheet linkVARISTOR 150V 0402B72590D0050H160VARISTOR 150V 0402120376 - Immediate
B72590D0050H160 product page link
B72570D0120A060 datasheet linkVARISTOR 16V 20A 1003B72570D0120A060VARISTOR 16V 20A 10033968 - Immediate
B72570D0120A060 product page link
B72510T0300K062 datasheet linkVARISTOR 47V 80A 0805B72510T0300K062VARISTOR 47V 80A 080531428 - Immediate
B72510T0300K062 product page link
B72540V0300K062 datasheet linkVARISTOR 47V 1.2KA 2220B72540V0300K062VARISTOR 47V 1.2KA 222010750 - Immediate
B72540V0300K062 product page link
B72540V1140S262 datasheet linkVARISTOR 22V 1.2KA 2220B72540V1140S262VARISTOR 22V 1.2KA 2220583 - Immediate
B72540V1140S262 product page link
B72570D0160H060 datasheet linkVARISTOR 38V 1003B72570D0160H060VARISTOR 38V 100372 - Immediate
B72570D0160H060 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-27