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Image of Cymbet's CBC921xx PMRTC
CBC921xx Power Management (PM) Realtime Clock/Calendar (RTC)

Cymbet's CBC921xx PMRTCs with power management and battery charge capabilities are ideal for applications such as business and industrial systems.

Image of TE/Amp's Micro-Coaxial Receptacle
Micro-Coaxial Receptacles

TE Connectivity AMP’s micro-coaxial receptacles offer excellent performance to connect an RF cable assembly or antenna to a main printed circuit board.

Image of APEX Tool Group WTHA1 Hot Air Station and Pencil
WTHA1 Hot Air Station and Pencil

APEX’s WTHA1 hot air station features a self-contained 900 W internal turbine and a high-performance hot air pencil.

Image of Cypress' Excelon™ Ferroelectric-RAM Memory
Excelon™ Ferroelectric-RAM (F-RAM™)

Cypress' Excelon™ F-RAM™ offers up to 150x reduction in typical standby current and greater than 10x increase in performance compared to competing F-RAMs.

Image of MACOM's MAAM-011238 Wideband Amplifier
MAAM-011238 Wideband Amplifier

MACOM's MAAM-011238 wideband amplifier covers 100 kHz up to 50 GHz for 5G test and measurement applications.

Image of CML Microcircuits' SCT2400 Low Power Long Range Voice Communications
SCT2400 Low Power, Long-Range Voice Communications

CML Microcircuits' SCT2400 is an integrated baseband and RF transceiver chip for long-range, low power voice communications.

Image of MACOM's MAFL-011077/011078/011081 Family of Filters
MAFL-011077/011078/011081 Family of Filters

MACOM’s MAFL-011077, MAFL-011078, and MAFL-011081 family of CATV diplex filters in a surface-mount package are RoHS compliant.

Image of E-Switch's TL6275 Series Illuminated Tact Switches
TL6275 Series Illuminated Tact Switches

E-Switch’s TL6275 series illuminated tact switches measure 8 mm x 8 mm x 7.2 mm and offer multiple cap and illumination color options.

Image of MPD's C2032 Lithium Battery Holder BU2032SM-FH-GTR
C2032 Lithium Battery Holder BU2032SM-FH-GTR

MPD's C2032 lithium battery holder BU2032SM-FH-GTR meets the requirements for typical medical or consumer type products.

Image of Microchip's PIC18F47Q43 Microcontroller
Pre-Release PIC18F Q43 Microcontrollers - Beta Devices

Microchip's PIC18 Q43 MCUs are optimized for robust, responsive real-time control and are well-suited for a wide range of real-time control applications.

Flexi-Mate Series Connectors

Molex’s Flexi-Mate connectors are designed for room-lighting applications requiring the placement of LEDs on interconnecting panels across the display.

Image of IXYS Corporation's IXOLAR™ High Efficiency SolarBIT
IXOLAR™ High Efficiency 25% SolarBIT Solar Cells

IXYS/Littelfuse's IXOLAR high-efficiency monocrystalline SolarBIT products have very high power conversion for charging a variety of battery-powered devices.

Image of IXYS' IXOLAR™ High Efficiency SolarMD Modules
IXOLAR™ High-Efficiency 25% SolarMD Modules

IXYS/Littelfuse IXOLAR™ SolarMD products, made of high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, are ideal for charging many types of battery-powered products.

Image of LEM's LDSR Series Current Transducers
LDSR Series Current Transducers

LEM's LDSR series current transducers are PCB mounted and designed for photovoltaic (PV) applications.

Image of Adam Tech Magnetic Cable Assemblies and Connectors
Magnetic Cable Assemblies and Connectors

Adam Tech's magnetic cable and connector sets incorporate spring-loaded pins with magnetic interfaces to create a reliable and easily detachable connection.