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Image of Silicon Labs' EFR32 Flex Gecko Wireless Starter Kits
EFR32™ Flex Gecko Sub-GHz and 2.4 GHz Proprietary Wireless Starter Kits

Silicon Labs' EFR32™ Flex Gecko proprietary wireless SoCs combines an energy-friendly MCU with a highly integrated radio.

Image of Opulent Americas' OSRAM Oslon Square 2 x 4 LED Modules
OSRAM Oslon Square 2 x 4 LED Modules

Opulent Americas' OSRAM Oslon square modules help designers shorten development time by using standard modules in a variety of lumen outputs.

Image of TRACO's TPP 450A Series AC/DC Medical Power Supplies
TPP 450/TPP 450A Series AC/DC Medical Power Supplies

TRACO's TPP 450 and TPP 450A series of 450 W AC/DC power supplies utilize a high-efficiency design and provide superior performance in a 3" x 5" footprint.

Image of Bridgelux's V Series HD Arrays
V Series™ HD Arrays

Bridgelux’s V Series™ HD arrays deliver high-quality, true-color-reproduction lighting for use in premium applications.

Image of Molex's Contact Pucks
Contact Pucks

Molex's contact pucks provide contact quality and reliable docking-based charging of wearable and mobile devices.

Image of Aearo Technologies' CONFOR™ Urethane Foam
CONFOR™ Urethane Foam

Aearo Technologies' CONFOR™ urethane foam is a highly compliant, shock- and energy-absorbing, strain-rate sensitive, open-cell foam product.

Image of Riedon's FB and CFB Class T Fuse Holders
FB and CFB Class T Fuse Holders

Riedon's FB and CFB Class T fuse holders feature a clear snap on polycarbonate cover to protect users against accidental shorts.

Screw Vent M12 Series - Amphenol LTW
Screw Vent M12 Series

Amphenol LTW introduces the Screw Vent M12 series of waterproofing screws for industrial applications, providing a solution that guarantees complete enclosure.

Image of Linear Technologies' LTC3649 Step Down Regulator
LTC3649 60 V, 4 A Step-Down Regulator

Analog Devices' LTC3649 60 V, 4 A synchronous monolithic step-down regulator with programmable output is ideal for industrial and automotive applications.

Image of Diodes' Simple Automotive LED Current Regulators
Simple Automotive LED Current Regulators

Diodes' BCR4xxUQ series are 10 mA to 350 mA constant current regulators in low-profile DFN2020 or industry-standard SOT26 package for automotive LED lighting.

Image of MEAN WELL's MPM and MFM Series AC/DC Power Supplies
MPM and MFM Series Medical Power Supplies

MEAN WELL's MPM and MFM series medical AC/DC power supplies feature wide operating temperature range, low no-load power consumption, and high-efficiency.

Image of Linear Technologies' LTC6908 Precision Oscillator
LTC6908 2-Output Precision Oscillator

Analog Devices' LTC6908 precision oscillator can be easily programmed and is ideal for switching power supplies, battery equipment, and charge pump drivers.

Image of Linear Technologies' LTC7106 DAC with PMBus Interface
LTC7106 7-Bit DAC with PMBus Interface

Analog Devices' LTC7106 7-bit digital-to-analog converters with PMBus interface work with the vast majority of power management controllers or regulators.

Image of Panasonic's PAN1760A Series RF Modules for Advanced Wireless Connectivity
PAN1760A Series RF Module for Advanced Wireless Connectivity

Panasonic’s PAN1760A series groundbreaking low power BLE device offers years of operation using only a CR2032 battery for simple, prompt, and sound IoT designs.

Image of Infineon Technologies' 600 V CoolMOS P7 Power Transistors
600 V CoolMOS™ P7 Power Transistors

Infineon‘s 600 V CoolMOS™ P7 series SJ MOSFET in TO-247 4-pin packaging with asymmetric leads.