Wurth's REDFIT IDC solderless, reversible, direct plug-in connector with SKEDD technology

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Image of Wurth's WR-WST: REDFIT IDC SKEDD ConnectorWurth Electronics' REDFIT IDC connector is a solderless, reversible, direct plug-in connector with SKEDD technology and insulation displacement connection. The SKEDD contacts are plugged directly into the plated through-holes of a PCB. With this IDC connector, a complete part and a potential error source is eliminated. This results directly in high process reliability, as well as savings in space, material, and process costs.

  • SKEDD direct plug-in technology
  • IDC connection
  • Solderless solution
  • Simple to plug and unplug
  • Minimum of 10 mating cycles
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Consumer electronics
  • Solar industry
  • Industrial electronics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Switch board construction

Image of Wurth's IDC for Quick and Easy Half Pitch Cable Connection

IDC for Quick and Easy Half Pitch Cable Connection

Image of Wurth's Reverse Polarity Protection of Plastic Housing

Reverse Polarity protection of Plastic Housing for Correct Assembling


Image of Wurth's 4-Way Contact Principle for Reliable Electrical Connection

4-Way Contact Principle for Reliable Electrical Connection

Image of Wurth's Tool-Free Mounting for Easy Plug and Unplug Process

Tool-Free Mounting for Easy Plug and Unplug Process

SKEDD Contact Requirements

Image of Wurth's Easy and Simple Plug-In Process

Easy and Simple Plug-In Process
The precise design of the apex area keeps the SKEDD contact elastic to guarantee a low insertion force, even for connectors with a high number of pins.

Image of Wurth's Reversible Connection

Reversible Connection
The flexible fork-type arms of the SKEDD contact adapt in an elastic way to the plated through-hole to realize multiple mating cycles.

Image of Wurth's Vibration-Proof Connection

Vibration-Proof Connection
At the end of the insertion process the contact normal contact force is high enough to ensure that no interruption occurs due to mechanical stress.

Image of Wurth's Fitting Accuracy

Fitting Accuracy
The flexibility of the SKEDD contacts balances the grid tolerances within the PCB production to ensure the optimal interaction of connector and PCB.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of PositionsAvailable QuantityView Details
490107670412 datasheet linkREDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR490107670412REDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR4100 - Immediate
490107670412 product page link
490107670612 datasheet linkREDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR490107670612REDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR6115 - Immediate
490107670612 product page link
490107670812 datasheet linkREDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR490107670812REDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR8145 - Immediate
490107670812 product page link
490107671012 datasheet linkREDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR490107671012REDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR1067 - Immediate
490107671012 product page link
490107671212 datasheet linkREDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR490107671212REDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR1286 - Immediate
490107671212 product page link
490107671412 datasheet linkREDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR490107671412REDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR1428 - Immediate
490107671412 product page link
490107671612 datasheet linkREDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR490107671612REDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR1664 - Immediate
490107671612 product page link
490107671812 datasheet linkREDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR490107671812REDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR1832 - Immediate
490107671812 product page link
490107672012 datasheet linkREDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR490107672012REDFIT IDC SKEDD CONNECTOR2028 - Immediate
490107672012 product page link
Published: 2018-02-12