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steute Wireless

- steute has been building industrial automation components since 1961. As part of this focus, we manufacture-to-order an array of industrial-grade, cCSAus-Certified switches expressly designed for wireless operation.

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Image of steute Wireless' Pushbutton Switches

Wireless, Batteryless Pushbutton Switches

steute Wireless' pushbutton switches are wireless pushbutton switches featuring an internal electrodynamic energy generator.

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Image of steute Wireless' Limit Switches

Wireless, Batteryless Limit Switches

steute Wireless' industrial controls offers a comprehensive line of wireless, batteryless limit switches.

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Image of steute Wireless' Magnetic Sensors

Wireless, Non-Contact Magnetic Sensors

steute Wireless’ wireless non-contact magnetic sensors, in the presence of their actuating magnet, send a unique, coded telegram to one or more compatible receivers.

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Image of steute Wireless' Grade Foot Switches

Wireless Industrial Grade Foot Switches

steute Wireless’ industrial-grade wireless foot switches feature batteryless internal energy generator to send unique, coded signals to compatible receivers.

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