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Silicon Labs Si7210 family of field output Hall effect magnetic position sensors are high sensitivity sensors that allow for larger air gaps and smaller magnets in mechanical position sensing, fluid level sensing, camera systems, control knobs, and selector switches. The sensors are AEC-Q100 qualified and achieve industry-leading sensitivity and low-noise by integrating a chopper-stabilized hall element, low-noise amplifier, and 13-bit ADC. The magnetic field data is then output in analog, PWM, or SENT format. Internal digital signal processing compensates for temperature and offset drift and users can set configure various parameters, including the measurement range, digital filtering, and format-specific output settings.

9/1/2017 8:16:34 PM

Part List

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingAvailable Quantity
SI7202-B-00-FVRMAGNETIC LATCHCut Tape (CT)2980 - ImmediateView Details
SI7202-B-01-IVRMAGNETIC LATCHCut Tape (CT)2986 - ImmediateView Details
SI7201-B-07-IVRMAGNETIC SWITCH OMNIPOLARCut Tape (CT)2985 - ImmediateView Details
SI7201-B-05-IVRMAGNETIC SWITCH OMNIPOLARCut Tape (CT)2975 - ImmediateView Details
SI7201-B-02-FVRMAGNETIC SWITCH OMNIPOLARCut Tape (CT)2965 - ImmediateView Details
SI7205-B-00-IVMAGNETIC SWITCH OMNIPOLARCut Strip325 - ImmediateView Details
SI7201-B-04-IVMAGNETIC SWITCH OMNIPOLARCut Strip301 - ImmediateView Details
SI7201-B-06-IVMAGNETIC SWITCH OMNIPOLARCut Strip292 - ImmediateView Details
SI7201-B-03-IVMAGNETIC SWITCH OMNIPOLARCut Strip238 - ImmediateView Details
SI7202-B-00-FVMAGNETIC LATCHCut Strip312 - ImmediateView Details
SI7204-B-00-FVMAGNETIC LATCHCut Strip315 - ImmediateView Details
SI7206-B-00-IVMAGNETIC LATCHCut Strip280 - ImmediateView Details
SI7201-B-02-FVMAGNETIC SWITCH OMNIPOLARCut Strip327 - ImmediateView Details
SI7201-B-05-IVMAGNETIC SWITCH OMNIPOLARCut Strip325 - ImmediateView Details
SI7201-B-07-IVMAGNETIC SWITCH OMNIPOLARCut Strip325 - ImmediateView Details
SI7203-B-00-FVMAGNETIC SWITCH OMNIPOLARCut Strip275 - ImmediateView Details
SI7201-B-01-FVMAGNETIC SWITCH OMNIPOLARCut Strip241 - ImmediateView Details
SI7201-B-00-FVMAGNETIC SWITCH OMNIPOLARCut Strip37 - ImmediateView Details
SI7202-B-01-IVMAGNETIC LATCHCut Strip40 - ImmediateView Details