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Omron Automation & Safety

- Omron Electronics LLC is the US-based division of Omron Corporation's Automation & Safety business, a world-class manufacturer of industrial automation products with over 80 years of success.

We support machine builders and OEMs across the United States and Latin America with sensing and control technologies that help you deliver more capable and profitable machines in less time. We are dedicated to developing, manufacturing and supporting automation that improves the quality and efficiency of everything you make. Through collaboration with customers, we define objectives, identify problems and recommend/implement innovative solutions to help you achieve success. We strive to be your trusted partner in automation.

Control Panels

Omron Panel Controls

Omron’s innovative control panel components including power supplies, temp control, panel lights, and more are available at Digi-Key. Learn More

Omron Safety Products

Image of Omron Automation's Safety Components

Omron offers a line of safety component switches, relays and sensors to fit your required safety countermeasures in equipment and facilities. Learn More

S8VK Power Supplies

Image of Omron Automation's S8VK Power Supplies

Omron has been a pioneer in the production of switch mode power supplies for industrial automation for over 35 years. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of Omron Automation and Safety's ZEN Nano Controller

ZEN Nano Controller

The ZEN Nano Controller provides easier small-scale automatic control and enables quick automation of small machines or facilities. Add to this the LCD screen and 8 buttons on the front panel for easy ladder program input. Learn More

H3DK Series Timer Relays

H3DK Series Timer Relays

Omron's H3DK DIN Rail timer relays are the latest timer relays for the automation and industrial markets, replacing the popular H3DE series. Learn More

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Image of Omron's S8VK-S Push-In Terminals Power Supply

S8VK-S Push-In Terminals Power Supply

Omron's S8VK-S push-in plus terminal blocks for easy wiring have a compact body and side-by-side mounting for more design flexibility.

Learn More
Image of Omron's A22N Series 22 MM Pushbutton Switches

A22N Series 22 mm Pushbutton Switch

Omron's switch bodies can accommodate up to 3 switch blocks and offered in either push-in plus terminals for easy wiring or standard screw terminal for fork or ring terminal connections.

Learn More
Image of Omron's G7J Series High Current Relays

G7J Series High Current Relays

Omron's G7J series relays withstand more than 4 kV between contacts that are of different polarity and between the coil and contacts.

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Image of Omron's E3T Miniature Photoelectric Sensor

E3T Miniature Photoelectric Sensor

Omron’s E3T miniature opto sensor is perfect for detecting small parts and very fast response times.

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Image of Omron's UMA Series Safety Mats

UMA Series Safety Mats

Omron's UMA series safety mats are ideally suited for harsh environments where other safety devices, such as laser scanners and light curtains, can false trip.

Learn More
Image of Omron's NX1P2 Advanced Motion Controller

NX1P2 Advanced Motion Controller

Omron's NX1P2 machine automation controller with advanced control for compact machines.

Learn More

Tools and Support

Image of Omron Automation's Bottle Cap Verification

Bottle Cap Verification

One sensor head detects the bottle's leading edge while the other inspects for cap presence. if both outputs are ON, the cap is in place. Learn More

Image of Omron Automation's Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage E3X-DAS Sensor

Production lines are being increasingly used to handle more than one product. However, engineers are finding difficulty in changing lines over quickly. Learn More

Image of Omron Automation's E3ZM Meat Processing

E3ZM Meat Processing

Accurate sensing and switching is critical in food processing equipment. Frequent wash-downs involving high-pressure, high-temperature water and aggressive detergents cause deformation and damage. Learn More



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G2RV Relay

G2RV 6mm Din Rail Relays

Duration: 10 minutes

The industrial relay features strong large surface area terminals, a transparent housing, and a mechanical flag and LED indication to ensure proper operation.

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Omron's New Value for Electrical Control Panels

If you have to downsize your machine, export your machine overseas or have to cope with short lead times and labor shortage Omron can help.

Omron NX1P Machine Automation Controller

NX1P is a powerful all-in-one controller in the Sysmac platform designed to manage advanced motion, networking, IO and onsite IoT in a compact entry model.


Omron's new MOSFET VSON Relay features the world's smallest G3VM VSON package (Very Small Outline Package Non-Leaded).

D40ML Magnetic Locking Safety Switch

In this video, Dean Anderson introduces us to the D40ML magnetic locking switch from Omron Automation. This highly tamper resistant device is great for process protection in machine safeguarding applications.