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Linear Technology now part of Analog Devices, Inc.

- Linear Technology Corporation designs, manufactures and markets a broad line of standard high performance integrated circuits. Applications for the Company's products include telecommunications, cellular telephones, networking products, notebook and desktop computers, video/multimedia, industrial instrumentation, automotive electronics, factory automation, process control, and military and space systems. The Company's principal product categories include amplifiers, battery management, data converters, high frequency, interface, voltage regulators and voltage references.

Analog Devices, Inc. acquires Linear Technology: With the combined 80 years of technology excellence, ADI becomes "The Premier Global Analog Technology Company". This new comprehensive portfolio gives customers an edge by market leading position, innovation, and commitment. More Information

µModule DC/DC Regulators

Linear Technology uModules

A product selection guide of µModule Power Products from Linear Technology to help you quickly and easily find DC/DC power solutions for your designs. Learn More

Linear Regulators (LDO)

Image of Linear Technology's LDO Linear Regulators

High performance low dropout linear regulators (LDO). These LDOs offer very low dropout, fast transient response, excellent line and load regulation. Learn More

Data Converters

Data Converters

Linear Technology offers a broad range of analog to digital converters (ADCs) and digital to analog converters (DACs) for high precision and high performance applications. Learn More

Image of Analog Devices & Linear Tech's Products Banner

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Featured Products

Image of Linear Technology's LTC4380 Low Quiescent Current Surge Stoppers

LTC4380 Low Quiescent Current Surge Stoppers

Linear Technology's LTC4380 low quiescent current surge stoppers protect loads from high voltage transients. Learn More

Image of Linear Technology LT3042 Linear Regulator

LT3042 Power Supply Ripple Rejection (PSRR) Low-Dropout Voltage Linear Regulator

Linear Technology’s LT3042 is a high-performance, low-dropout, linear regulator featuring LTC’s ultra-low-noise and ultra-high PSRR architecture for powering noise sensitive RF applications. Learn More

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Image of Linear Technologies' LTC3649 Step Down Regulator

LTC3649 60 V, 4 A Step-Down Regulator

Analog Devices' LTC3649 60 V, 4 A synchronous monolithic step-down regulator with programmable output is ideal for industrial and automotive applications.

Learn More
Image of Linear Technologies' LTC6908 Precision Oscillator

LTC6908 2-Output Precision Oscillator

Analog Devices' LTC6908 precision oscillator can be easily programmed and is ideal for switching power supplies, battery equipment, and charge pump drivers.

Learn More
Image of Linear Technologies' LTC7106 DAC with PMBus Interface

LTC7106 7-Bit DAC with PMBus Interface

Analog Devices' LTC7106 7-bit digital-to-analog converters with PMBus interface work with the vast majority of power management controllers or regulators.

Learn More
Image of Linear Technology's LTC4041, 2.5 A Power Manager for Supercapacitor

LTC4041, 2.5 A Power Manager for Supercapacitor

Linear Technology's LTC4041 is a complete supercapacitor backup system for 2.9 V to 5.5 V supply rails.

Learn More
Image of Linear Technology LTC1997 Gain Selectable Funnel Amplifiers

LT1997 Gain Selectable Funnel Amplifiers

Power by Linear™ / Analog Devices’ LT1997-2 is an attenuating (funnel) difference amplifier that can be used to translate large differential signals.

Learn More

LTC4291/LTC4292 PoE++ PSE Digital Controller

ADI’s LTC4291/LTC4292 are 4-port PSE controllers designed for use in IEEE 802.3bt Type 3 and 4 compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) systems.

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Tools & Support

Image of Linear Technology's U Module Family

μModule® Power Product Family

Linear Technology’s µModule (micromodule) products are complete System in a Package (SiP) solutions that minimize design time and solve the common problem of board space. Learn More

Image of Linear Tech's Reference Designs

Reference Designs

Find Linear Technology’s reference designs fast in Digi-Key’s Reference Design Library. Learn More

Image of Linear Technology's Automobile Solutions

Automotive Electronics Solutions

Linear Technology’s signal chain ICs are designed, manufactured and tested to thrive in harsh under-hood environments. Automotive-grade data converters, amplifiers, monitors, voltage references, filters and oscillators offer outstanding performance. Learn More

Image of Linear Technology's Industrial Signal Chain

Industrial Signal Chain

Industrial systems demand semiconductors that are precise, flexible and reliable. Linear Technology offers a broad line of high performance analog ICs that simplify system design. Learn More

Image of Linear Technology's High Performance DC/DC Controllers

High Performance DC/DC Controllers

Linear Technology offers complete power solutions with a full lineup of power management products. This brochure provides an overview of our high performance DC/DC switching regulator controllers. Learn More

Image of Linear Technology's Power Management Portable Products

Power Management for Portable Products

Today’s handheld products require extremely small and low profile power management solutions. Linear Technology’s high performance analog ICs provide
efficient system solutions. Learn More

Product Training Modules View All (162)

Image of Analog Devices LTC3246

LTC3246 Wide VIN Range 500 mA Buck-Boost Charge Pump

Duration: 5 minutes

Low operating current and low external parts count make the LTC3246 ideally suited for low power, space constrained automotive/ industrial applications


LTC7124 17V Dual 3.5A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will introduce Linear Technology’s LTC7124 17V, Dual 3.5A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator.


LTC7150S 20V 20A Monolithic Buck Regulator

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will introduce Linear Technology’s LTC7150S 20V 20A Monolithic Buck Regulator.


LTC3636 and LTC3636-1 Dual-Channel 6A 20V Monolithic Synchronous Step-Down Regulators

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will provide an overview of the Linear Technology LTC3636 and LTC3636-1 step-down regulators.

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Analog Devices LTM4646 µModule Regulator | Digi-Key Daily

LTM4646 from Power by Linear/Analog Devices is a dual 10 A or singular 20 A output switching mode DC/DC power supply.

Publish Date: 2018-07-02

Analog Devices LTC7124 Regulator | Digi-Key Daily

Analog Devices’ LTC7124 is a dual channel, high efficiency, monolithic step-down regulator providing outputs up to 3.5 A per channel.

Publish Date: 2018-02-28

Fast 150V Protected High Side Driver

The LTC7000 is a fast, protected, high side N-channel MOSFET gate driver that contains an internal charge pump allowing the external N-channel MOSFET to stay on indefinitely.

Publish Date: 2018-02-14

Buffered Octal ADC Inputs Simplify Sensor Interfaces

The LTC2358 octal ADC adds FET-input analog buffers to the performance and flexibility of the LTC2348. These buffers allow the signal conditioning to be designed around the needs of the signal, rather than the needs of the ADC.

Publish Date: 2018-02-14

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