A22NK Keylock Switches

Omron Automation and Safety's A22NK keylock switches for secure switch controls

Image of Omron Automation and Safety's A22NK Keylock SwitchesOmron’s 22 mm key switches are secure alternate action or momentary keyed switches for secure switch controls. Offered in an attractive polished metal bezel with a key insert identifier for quick position identification, all key switches are keyed alike with replacement keys available separately. Available with a number of accessories such as protective covers, identification legends, or snap on additional blocks to complete your exact switch needs.

Published: 2016-06-22

Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
A22NZ-S-G1A datasheet linkCONTACT BLOCK SPST-NO 10A 120VA22NZ-S-G1ACONTACT BLOCK SPST-NO 10A 120V883 - Immediate
4194 - Factory Stock
A22NZ-S-G1A product page link
A22NZ-S-G1B datasheet linkCONTACT BLOCK SPST-NC 10A 120VA22NZ-S-G1BCONTACT BLOCK SPST-NC 10A 120V649 - Immediate
783 - Factory Stock
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A22NZ-A-303 datasheet linkA22N SWITCH GUARDA22NZ-A-303A22N SWITCH GUARD167 - Immediate
162 - Factory Stock
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A22NZ-A-50103 datasheet linkA22N LEGEND PLATE FRAMEA22NZ-A-50103A22N LEGEND PLATE FRAME119 - Immediate
129 - Factory Stock
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A22NK Keylock Switches

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSwitch FunctionAvailable QuantityView Details
A22NK-2RL-01BA-G100 datasheet linkSWITCH KEYLCK 2POS SPST 10A 120VA22NK-2RL-01BA-G100SWITCH KEYLCK 2POS SPST 10A 120VOff-Mom44 - Immediate
A22NK-2RL-01BA-G100 product page link
A22NK-2RM-01AA-G100 datasheet linkSWITCH KEYLCK 2POS SPST 10A 120VA22NK-2RM-01AA-G100SWITCH KEYLCK 2POS SPST 10A 120VOff-On269 - Immediate
A22NK-2RM-01AA-G100 product page link
A22NK-2RM-01BA-G100 datasheet linkSWITCH KEYLCK 2POS SPST 10A 120VA22NK-2RM-01BA-G100SWITCH KEYLCK 2POS SPST 10A 120VOff-On564 - Immediate
A22NK-2RM-01BA-G100 product page link
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